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[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"MORHAM, a parish in the county of Haddington, Scotland. It includes a post-office village of the same name. It extends about 3 miles from E. to W. in length, with a varying breadth of from 1 mile to 2 miles, and is bounded by the parishes of Haddington, Preston-Kirk, Whittingham, and Garvald. The surface is moderately even, the highest point being 413 feet above sea-level. The soil is chiefly clay and the land is in excellent cultivation. The village of Morham is distant about 2 miles S.E. of Haddington railway station, and is situated on the small stream of Morhamburn which runs 6 miles N. to the South Tyne. This parish is in the presbytery of Haddington and synod of Lothian and Tweedale. The minister has a stipend of 156. The parish church was erected in 1724, but since that period has been frequently restored. There is a parochial school."

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)
Transcribed by Colin Hinson 2003]

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